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Friday, March 16, 2012

Neem Green phenyle

Neem based Green Phenyle using Neemocol Gr
Nature care series
Neemocol Gr
Neemocol Gr is a green phenyle based on Neem. This is a high quality product. It combines Neem, terpenes, camphor, in an emulsifiable base.
Green phenyle from Neem is made from a unique cold process technology and is non toxic, enivornment friendly, readily biodegradable, harmless to pets and humans.
Neem green is suitable for all types of floors and does not leave any stains or spoil any surface.
Neem green is an anti insect formulation, which helps eliminate insects from homes the natural way. Neem a natural anti insectiside, slowly eliminates common insects, which are troublesome, by altering their feeding habits and disabling the reproductive system of insects.
The natural aroma of camphor and terpenes, give a long lasting pleasing aroma and help mask bad odours.
Economical in price and effective product.

Manufacture process:

1. De mineralized or Reverse osmosis water    4.000 litres
2. Neemocol Gr                                              1.000 kg

In a plastic bucket measure out 1 kg of Neemocol Gr and to it add about 500 ml of water and mix thoroughly, This will form a thick gel, now add 1 litre water and again thoroughly mix till all the gel becomes a liquid, now add the remaining water and mix well. Your high quality 5 litres of Natural Green phenyle based on Neem is ready for packing.

Usage instructions:
1. Regular mopping of floors:  Use 50 ml in 4 litres of water and mop, no rinsing is required.
2. Heavy soil                          Use 75 ml in 4 litres of water
3. Toilet bowls                        Just pour a little into the bowls and the fragrance lingers for long, providing disinfection.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Neem based white phenyle using Classimulse NE

Neem based white phenyle (Nature care series)
Nature's way to clean
Benefits of using Neem based white phenyle. 
Neem oil is a natural anti insectiside, which helps in control of insect menace at homes. It is effective against crawling, flying, insects and other common insects like cockroaches, spiders, termites, bugs etc. Most insects cannot develop resistance to Neem oil. Hence it works well in all seasons.

Neem oil works like a charm, it is non toxic, so does not affect environment, plant, pets and humans in any way. Neem oil when comes in contact with the insects, it alters the habits ofinsect feeding and cuts of the reproduction glands, hence insects are unable to lay eggs or reproduce, so over a short period of time, there will be noticable change in places where Neem oil based white phenyle is used.
The inclusion of camphor, eucalyptus, citronella, tend to ward away house flies and mosquitoes. pine oil is a very good disinfectant and also helps in cleaning oil, grease.
The aroma of the white phenyle is very pleasing and long lasting.

Classimulse NE  
classimulse NE is a quality emulsifier made from pure neem oil with a combination of anionic and non ionic surfactants. It works well to emulsify pine oil and other essential oils to make for a high quality white phenyle which possess anti insectiside properties, which normal phenyle do not have.

Anti insect white phenyle concentrate

1. Classimulse NE                        1.000 litre
2. pine oil ( 25 - 28% grade )          1.500 litre
3. Camphor oil                               0.500 ml
4. Eucalyptus oil                            0.060 ml
5. Citronella                                   0.090 ml


In a plastic bucket measure out 1litre of classimulse NE and to it add the remaining ingredients and mix well till you get a clear amber colour transparent solution. Your Neem based anti insec white phenyle concentrate is ready in minutes.


In a plastic bucket measure out 1litre & 50 ml of the white phenyle concentrate and to it add 500 ml of soft water (demineralized water or reverse osmosis water is best )and mix well for 5 minutes.
Now add 2.5 litre soft water and again mix well for 2 - 3 minutes. Now while maintaining mixing add soft water remaining of  16 litres and mix thoroughly for another 5 minutes. your 20 litres white phenyle is ready.

Your anti insect Neem based white phenyle is ready for packaging. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Car shampoo premium gel

This car shampoo is perfectly ph balanced and is made from biodegradable chemicals. The car shampoo provides copious foam and does not damage the paint and gives good gloss after the wash.


1. De ionized water 2.000 kg
2. Classisurf CWP 1.000 kg
3. colour 1 pinch
4. fragrance 0.004 gm
5. salt 0.030 gm


1. Take the de ionized water in a plastic barrel or bucket and to it add classisurf CWP and gently mix till all mixes well.

2. Now add the colour and then the fragrance, now mix well till all dissolves.

3. Now add the salt in small steps and mix till all mixes.

4. Your car shampoo premium gel is ready in minutes and it is perfectly ph balanced.

5. To make a more economical shampoo just add 1kg extra de ionized water.

Hand wash concentrate pearly gel (lifebuoy, fem type)

The manufacture of pearly hand wash gel has never been so easy, no heating just simple mixing and your hand wash pearly gel is ready.


1. De ionized water 4.000 kg
2. Classisurf HWP 1.000 kg
3. colour 1 pinch
4. Fragrance 0.005 gm
5. Salt 0.050 gm


1. Take the de ionized water into a plastic barrel or bucket and to it add the classisurf HWP and gently mix till all has mixed well.

2. Now add the colour, followed by fragrance and mix well

3. Add the salt in small steps, ensure the salt mixes well, before adding the next batch.

4. Your 5 kgs of hand wash pearl gel is ready.

5. The cost of manufacture is approx 22 - 25 per kg.

Dish wash concentrated gel (pril & Vim type)

Dish wash gel like pril and vim type can be prepared easily with the help of ultra concentrate Classisurf DWG.


1. De ionized water 3.000 kg
2. Classisurf DWG 1.000 kg
3. colour 1/2 gm
4. fragrance 0.004 gm
5. salt 0.050 gm


1. Take the de ionized water in a plastic barrel and to it add the classisurf DWG and gently mix till all has dissolved well.

2. Now add the colour (use food colour like apple green,yellow, orange)

3. Now add the fragrance into it and mix well (when using lime please check compatibility as it can cause clouding and spoil the transparency). use pine apple, orange, green apple, strawberry flavours which give better fragrance and pleasant flavour.

4. now just add the salt which we use for cooking, add the salt in steps of 15 grams and mix well and add the next batch only after the salt has dissolved.

5. Now your 4 kg of dish wash conc gel is ready.

6. The cost of manufacture will be approx 22- 26 per kg.

Ultra concentrates for dish wash, hand wash

What is ultra concentrate?

Ultra concentrates are high quality carefully selected blended surfactants to make concentrates for dish wash, car shampoo, hand wash and multipurpose cleaners in the most simple way without involving any machinery for the manufacturer.

Advantages of using ultra concentrates

1. simplifies the process and anybody even without any chemical knowledge can manufacture high quality concentrated dish wash, car shampoos, hand wash like what is available in the market.

2. Reduces the inventory for the manufacturer as multi stocking of chemicals can be avoided.

3. The process of manufacture just involves the mixing of the ultra concentrate into de ionized water, followed by addition of colour and fragrance and salt, to make the concentrated gel.

4. Time saving, no messing and perfectly ph balanced, gives high quality products on par with multinational brands like pril, vim, palmolive, lifebuoy etc.

5. Reasonably priced, so very economical to use, gives big savings and maximum profit and all this without involving any machinery or expensive equipments.